Welcome to my Official Website

My name is Lamia Michna,
I am a designer and an artist based in Berlin. I was born here in 1987 and spent my entire life in Kreuzberg 36. So, naturally I experienced a lot of multicultural influences, which are a great help to be open-minded. This creative environment helps me to find the inspiration that I can use in my work.
I'm a passionate and creative person and I came to the point, where I realized that inspiration is everywhere to be found. That's why, I always explore the world. In my opinion experimenting is very important to create my own style and develop my skills. At the moment I'm specialized in Tape-Art and this is what I want to continue in my life.

In 2008 I gratuated College and began studying Communication Design. In the summer 2010,
I attended a practical course at the showroom-meile of Berlin Fashion Week.

I work with*

*My hands, head, heart, other people, cameras, computers, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, tape, a lot of materials, & more...

If you are interested in working with me or want me to work for you, just simply contact me by e-mail or Skype...